Who I am

My name is Catherine a mom of so many sweet angels. I was diagnosed with Leukemia (Childhood Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia) in 2012.

My Story

My initial understanding of Leukemia was that it was “advanced anemia”, but after a phone call to my brother who happened to work at a hospital I learn that “sis hio ni blood cancer”.

My Journey

It has been quite a journey going through the treatment from; denial, bitterness, secrets, hopelessness, counting down my days and fear to having pacts with God , Hope and Courage to embrace treatment and live positively.

My Story
Hope instilled in me by a 9 year old Alvin

I was working in a very reputable tours and travel company and life was in my favor. In 2011 however the nose bleeding, fainting, tiredness, severe headaches and sweating were back. I sought medical attention and I was diagnosed with ‘anemia’. The doctor prescribed some blood boosters which I took faithfully, however my condition was not getting any better because at some point I started coughing out blood.

I sought further medical help and the doctor advised I take some test, the results were to take about two weeks.


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